Month: February 2017

Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0160 Hotfix


  • Fix game-breaking bug in Phlox Lab

Feature Changes

  • Holding START to skip text works better

Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0159


  • Fixed the crash on Route 86
  • Some text fixes
  • Added encounters to Route 51
  • Minor scripting fixes
  • Fixed the Hall of Fame showing the wrong ‘mons

Mechanic Changes

  • Added Iron Head TM
  • TM learnset fixes (Slugma, Eevee and Larvitar lines learn Curse; Onix learns Rollout)

Feature Changes

  • Holding START inside text boxes causes the text to advance rapidly
  • Bike music now fades properly

Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0158


  • Fixed Blissey’s overworld sprite
  • Pokedex number now shows up correctly in the Hall of Fame
  • Oak’s Pokedex rating removed (will be replaced later)
  • Various map fixes and improvements, including text fixes
  • Savefile patching gives a one-time chance to fix the Caterpie event flags
  • Castro Gym doesn’t prevent battling other trainers again anymore (note that this bug is unfixable for players who have already reached that gym in their current savefiles)

Mechanic Changes

  • Altaria now has correct types

Feature Changes

  • Ho-Oh’s name is now spelled properly
  • Stats screen page 4 now works as intended

Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0156


  • Fixed genders (broken in last build)
  • Fixed incorrect item in Gold Token shop in Spurge Mart
  • Minor map and bug fixes

Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0155 Hotfix


  • Magikarp Caverns no longer crashes, allowing progress
  • Resolved a broken warp in the Haunted Forest Mansion’s basement
  • Fixed Ballmaking Experience
  • Fixed Poison damage not working properly in overworld
  • Fixed various dialogue and doors in the prison
  • Fixed a few missing moveset changes
  • Changed Mareep’s palette to moreso match official artwork
  • Small map changes and fixes
  • Fixes to fossil minigame

Mechanic Changes

  • Fixed a few missing moveset changes
  • Complete v0.93 moveset alterations
    • Electivire can now learn Earthquake and Rock Slide
    • Magmortar can now learn Thunderbolt and Rock Slide
    • Pikachu and Raichu can now learn Dig
    • Altaria can now learn Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Mustard Gas, Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, and Flamethrower
    • Libabeel can now learn Poison Jab
    • Dusclops can now learn Ice Punch and Earthquake
    • Mamoswine can now learn Ice Beam
    • Gliscor can now learn Aerial Ace
    • Weavile can now learn Aerial Ace
    • Porygon Z can now learn Hyper Voice
    • Lucario can now learn Iron Tail
    • Flygon can now learn Dragon Claw
    • Feraligatr can now learn Earthquake
    • Donphan can now learn Earthquake
    • Typhlosion can now learn Thunderpunch
    • Flareon can now learn Will-o-Wisp
    • Ampharos can now learn Fire Punch
    • Magnezone can now learn Tri-Attack
    • Yanma can no longer learn Surf, can now learn Fly

Feature Changes

  • Implement new colorized logo
  • Reduce internal timer to preserve compatibility with official VC injects
  • Fixed the spike when turning on/off ch3 playback, resolving music issues
  • Minor text fixes

Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0152 – Codenamed ‘Harmony’


  • Major bug fix release, most known bugs fixed
  • RTC now works properly, including carrying over between days
  • Battle Tower supposedly working with properly generating teams
  • Battle Tower Leaders should now work due to fixing data structures and RTC issues
  • Double check that ticket items have space before deducting tickets in the Battle Arcade
  • Re-enabled forfeiting in the Battle Arcade
  • The ATM now works properly, and will not crash when withdrawing more money than you have
  • Phancero event _actually _fixed while we work on making a new, more fitting, event
  • Roaming bug should be resolved, may not retroactively fix existing saves.
  • Shiny Balls now properly preserve the caught Pokemon’s ability
  • Several sprite/picture updates
  • Yanmega’s backsprite has been updated
  • Shiny Garchomp now looks more distinctly shiny
  • Pokedex entry added for Libabeel, along with fixed catch rate and EXP curves
  • Fixed Whismur line Pokédex entries
  • Various fixes to Pokemon Only areas
  • Spawns should now always reset properly when entering/exit areas, along with fixing Warp/Dig
  • Prevent player from entering lab/exiting forest while a 2nd Pokemon is added to your party other than Totodile
  • Charizard movement speed in Laurel Forest Charizard Cave has been set to something sane
  • Fix issue where a Pikachu could open up a PC window, causing massive issues
  • Fix music not playing if you white out during battle in Laurel Forest
  • Removed potential fossil from being found on Relicanth
  • Selecting/moving Bedroom Keys should no longer cause the menu to glitch
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from being locked out of the Magnet Pass
  • Made sure that visiting Ilk without getting Fly does not reset the flag causing the NPC that gives you Fly to vanish
  • Fixed Tunod Waterway trainers disappearing
  • Fixed many broken warps in Saffron City
  • Fixed Daycare Egg sprite
  • Fixed breeding giving mismatched Eggs/Pokemon/Moves
  • Added condition to prevent player from orphaning starter Larvitar
  • Rijon League shop now has only one entry for Max Potion instead of two
  • Added missing text to Goldenrod GYM’s Guide guy
  • Assigned Lilycove City’s music to Southerly
  • Various fixes to Naljo Ruins, fixing many of the holes/traps
  • Corrected various switch color dialogue in Milos
  • Side-scrolling sections should more gracefully handle ladders and ‘bonking’
  • Money tiles in Pachisi now give money
  • Fixed the Blue Patroller in Milos and Firelight’s Tentacool/Tentacruel’s being swapped
  • Added a boulder in the upper Phlox cave to prevent potential softlock/sequence breaking
  • Fix Phlox lab callback calling the wrong script, causing crash on save reload
  • Rounded the Acania Lighthouse and fixed the sprite overload
  • Fixed sound not playing when touching the tombstones in Haunted Forest
  • Fix Route 72 text
  • Various fixes to textboxes and items in Saxifrage
  • Prevent teleporting/escaping during the undercover mission
  • Fixed the swimmer who could battle you if you are on land in Route 78
  • Fixed the ‘Start’ button not working during the fossil minigame
  • All Pokeballs are recolored properly per what item type is inside
  • Normal items are Red, TMs/HMs are Yellow, Key Items are Purple
  • Fix PatrollerF surf animation showing the Biking sprites instead
  • Fix issues with DivideLong and fluctuating exp breaking exp bar.
  • Many scripts and maps were much optimized for more clean and readable code
  • Many other code optimizations and fixes
  • Fixed various issues of map music not restarting
  • Minor text fixes

Mechanic changes

  • Mining now gives experience even if it fails
  • Spurge mart now sells X Sp. Defs
  • Fixed rock smash being usable from party menu before 5th badge
  • Moveset reviews and changes
  • Most movesets are now accurate to their current-gen standards.
  • Erroneous moves, such as Yanmega being able to surf, have also been fixed
  • Complete list and more in the b155 update above
  • Some evolution mechanics have changed
  • Magneton now evolves into Magnezone only by leveling up in an electromagnetic field
  • Weepinbell evolves with a Lead Stone, as it should, rather than a Fire Stone
  • Fixed an issue where certain items were not properly being identified as usable on certain Pokemon to evolve
  • Skorupi is now properly typed as Poison, Bug
  • Clefairy line now has a chance of holding a Lucky Egg instead of Sapphire Eggs, as intended
  • Fix Sylveon and Lucario’s Egg Group
  • Buffed Pokemon base stats to Gen 7 values
  • Includes Ariados, Chimecho, Exeggutor, Illuminise, Lunatoine, Magikarp, Magcargo, Masquerain, Solrock, Swellow, and Volbeat
  • Fix Pokerus
  • Fix CheckImmunities giving pokemon abilities they should not have
  • Make ‘Pickup’ ability set to 10%
  • ‘Speed Boost’ now displays a message when it affects the battle
  • Fixed Hidden Power to ensure it remains Special
  • Fixed Prism Spray to be special
  • Will-o-Wisp now works as it should, including cutting Attack in half
  • Will-o-wisp changed to 85% accuracy
  • Air slash BP down from 100 -> 75
  • Rock Smash fixed to 40 BP
  • Increased Hidden Power’s power to 70, constant
  • Mustard Gas PP reduced to 10
  • Meteor Mash has correct PP (10)
  • Dream Eater made Special
  • Pain Split properly classified as Normal/Status
  • Correct Iron Head description
  • Fixed Hidden Power types
  • Fixed random type generation (no more ‘Bird’ types)
  • Fixed Boil not SE against Water
  • Reclassifed Charm as Fairy, allows Eevee to evolve properly to Sylveon
  • For some reason Astonish had 75 PP and that was not working out well
  • Changed Waterfall to not be an HM
  • Fix a few mismatched Type matchups
  • Fix Amulet Coin not working properly
  • ‘Poison Heal’ ability works in the overworld.
  • TM prices changed to reflect how much they actually cost.
  • Slightly changed the prices in the Battle Arcade exchange, including adding Trade Stones

Feature changes

  • Broken logos at the start replaced by our own logo
  • Swap out various other texts with the RainbowDevs text
  • Spiced up the title screen logo
  • When using the ROM in not a Gameboy Color/GBX mode, a more detailed error is displayed.
  • Incorporate old-save checking, and warn the user when their save is for a different build than the current ROM
  • Deleting your save now prompts for a button combo to verify
  • Date and Time are now set at the same time.
  • Debug features to reset the clock at start (to replace the noRTC patch)
  • Apricon trees have a small percentage chance of generating a Shiny Apricorn once per day
  • Changed credits to a less serious and more adequate version
  • Added an introduction ‘cutscene’ when the game starts to introduce the player to Mom
  • A more-accurate RNG has been put in place for almost all in-game events and mechanics

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Anniversary Crystal Distro Card 13: IIII–??(U


Get ready for some OP defense strats with our hardened hero from the first Pokemon Crystal run!

As with the other distribution codes, all of our distributed Pokemon from previous runs have been brought into Anniversary Crystal using their original data as they were last seen in their respective games. To acquire the Pokemon in your own game, please see the PCC located in Goldenrod City after you have acquired 16 GYM Badges!

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