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Archive of outdated releases of Pokémon Prism.

RainbowDevs Archive Launched!

Hello archival enthusiasts! If you’ve ever wanted to download an older version of our games, now you can in one convenient place. We’ve just launched the first phase of the RainbowDevs archive!

For now we have listed every RainbowDevs version of Pokémon Prism, but in the future we hope to expand to the pre-RD versions, as well as archival releases of our other games. We’re also making an effort to archive our data to the Wayback Machine, so should anything happen, you will always have access to a permanent, comprehensive arcive of all our games straight from the source.

Please note: these are old releases for troubleshooting and archival purposes only. They are not stable and have known issues, some serious, that may break or corrupt your sava data. We will not be providing support for these older releases, so, please use at your own risk.

Have fun!

Pokemon Prism: Summer 2010 Beta

EDIT: This version of Pokémon Prism is out of date. Download the latest version on the game page.

It’s here!

Download now!

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. We do not currently have a copy of Pokémon Prism Summer 2010 Beta available – will try to source one soon!

Pokemon Prism [Final Version Released] (April Fools)

Well dudes and dudettes, it’s the moment you’ve all waited for. Pokemon Prism is done and you can download it right now. Remember that you must start a new game since old prism sav files will not be compatible with this version. I have to finish the rest of my homework, so I’ll make a fancier thread later. Just download the attachment below and be on your way. Oh yeah, and learn how to patch ROM’s while you’re at it.

Originally posted PokéCommunity. Post link. We do not currently have a copy of the April Fools release – if you have one, please get in touch!

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