Month: October 2017

Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0225


  • Fixed some NPCs looking like the player (Botan City, Route 62)
  • Eggs no longer play a cry when deposited or withdrawn
  • Fixed Pink Bow’s description
  • Attempting to sell a large stack of items (total price above 999,999) no longer displays glitched characters

Mechanic Changes

  • Fixed Azumarill’s base stats (speed and special attack were swapped)
  • Fixed Belly Drum’s type and category data

Feature Changes

  • Expanded pack space:
    • Items pocket can now hold 40 stacks of items (was 30)
    • Key Items pocket can now hold 50 items (was 23)
    • PC can now hold 60 stacks of items (was 50)
  • Improved/reworked Town Map – now handles D-Pad usage significantly better
  • Max money raised to 9,999,999
  • Pokerus indicator is now a face, as in later generations
  • Slightly improved the RNG
  • Minor text and map fixes

Changelog: Version 0.94, build 223


  • Fixed crash when using a sleep-inducing move against an opponent with Mold Breaker
  • Fixed broken colors in menus when using Iron Pickaxe
  • Naljo Ruins’ roof now has the correct encounters
  • Minor text and map fixes

Mechanic changes

  • Hidden Power now deals damage as intended, instead of reusing the previous attack’s stat and move power values
  • Salamence now learns Storm Front via TM
  • Gliscor now learns Fly via HM

Feature changes

  • Minor adjustments in Route 55 (some grass removed)
  • Provincial Park minigame now properly handles a full PC box
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