Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0155 Hotfix


  • Magikarp Caverns no longer crashes, allowing progress
  • Resolved a broken warp in the Haunted Forest Mansion’s basement
  • Fixed Ballmaking Experience
  • Fixed Poison damage not working properly in overworld
  • Fixed various dialogue and doors in the prison
  • Fixed a few missing moveset changes
  • Changed Mareep’s palette to moreso match official artwork
  • Small map changes and fixes
  • Fixes to fossil minigame

Mechanic Changes

  • Fixed a few missing moveset changes
  • Complete v0.93 moveset alterations
    • Electivire can now learn Earthquake and Rock Slide
    • Magmortar can now learn Thunderbolt and Rock Slide
    • Pikachu and Raichu can now learn Dig
    • Altaria can now learn Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Mustard Gas, Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, and Flamethrower
    • Libabeel can now learn Poison Jab
    • Dusclops can now learn Ice Punch and Earthquake
    • Mamoswine can now learn Ice Beam
    • Gliscor can now learn Aerial Ace
    • Weavile can now learn Aerial Ace
    • Porygon Z can now learn Hyper Voice
    • Lucario can now learn Iron Tail
    • Flygon can now learn Dragon Claw
    • Feraligatr can now learn Earthquake
    • Donphan can now learn Earthquake
    • Typhlosion can now learn Thunderpunch
    • Flareon can now learn Will-o-Wisp
    • Ampharos can now learn Fire Punch
    • Magnezone can now learn Tri-Attack
    • Yanma can no longer learn Surf, can now learn Fly

Feature Changes

  • Implement new colorized logo
  • Reduce internal timer to preserve compatibility with official VC injects
  • Fixed the spike when turning on/off ch3 playback, resolving music issues
  • Minor text fixes

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