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RainbowDevs are collective of passionate Gameboy developers with decades of experience.

We are coders, artists, musicians, designers, and every position in-between — crafting new stories and worlds for everyone explore while pushing the boundaries of classic, retro hardware. Everything we do runs on original, classic hardware, as our passion for the original games and worlds runs deep.

Our work

Pokémon Prism

Explore the brand new region of Naljo in an epic story across multiple regions!

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Pokémon Pinball: Generations

Experience the expansion we always wanted – new Pokémon, expanded fields, and more!

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Pokémon Brown

The game that started it all. Enjoy the original Rijon experience!

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Pokémon Anniversary Crystal

An ambitious retelling of Pokémon Crystal with expanded mechanics, new AI and many unexpected twists!

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Pokémon Anniversary Red

Really catch them all in this new retelling of Pokémon Red, including an expanded Pokédex, new battles and new areas to explore!

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Pokémon rijonAdventures

20 years after the events of Pokémon Brown, much has changed in the land of Rijon…

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Latest News

A screenshot from the upcoming update to Pokémon Brown. It shows how the generic bird sprite used for the flying animation has been replaced by a sprite of the specific Pokémon who is flying - in this case, a Spearow.

Fly with your Pokémon!

Preview time! When you fly in the upcoming Pokémon Brown update, the sprite is actually your Pokémon. We’re still in advanced testing: old-school binary hacks require a lot more testing and rebuilds than modern disassembly hacks, and we are all about polish. Thank you all for your patience! We’ll...

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Pokémon Brown testing is going quite swell…

Pokémon Brown advanced testing is well underway! This game is 20 years old and is still an old-school binary hack, so there are a lot of weird quirks we are discovering (like this funny sprite glitch!). We don’t have an ETA as yet, but it is soon™!

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PSA: Pokémon Prism on cartridge

Are you thinking of purchasing Pokémon Prism on a cartridge? Please read this advice while considering! RainbowDevs does not and will never sell Prism on a Game Boy cartridge/Game Pak, and companies that do are doing so without our consent or endorsement. Prism is available for free to download...

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