Month: August 2006

Rijon 90% complete!

The main region in rijonAdventures, Pokémon Bronze and Pokémon Bronze, entitled “Rijon”, is almost completely done in rijonAdventures. 90% of the region’s overworld maps are completed! Text and events are next on the schedule!

A new Developer Demo featuring this, available to beta testers codenamed “TRAUMA CENTER”, will be distributed soon!

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

The Lava Cave

Once again, another prototype name. Check out the work I did with colors. The bubbles are even animated like in the Pokemon GYM (and I didn’t edit or overwrite that at all). I’m going to give every cave in Naljo they’re very own tileset. I’ve discovered how to add tilesets too, so far, a total of Four tilesets have been added to the game, without overwriting old ones, and you can expect many more. Also, when you walk around the cave, the screen sometimes shakes, because you are technically in a volcano that’s about to erupt!

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