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24 August 2023

Welcome to Naljo

Pokémon Prism is a super customized Pokémon Crystal mod that takes place in a previously unexplored region. It contains new mechanics unseen in its inspired franchise, while refining existing gameplay.

Boasting an expansive landscape to adventure in filled with unique challenges, fresh areas to explore, and new ways to play, Pokémon Prism is an entirely new experience that gamers of all ages are sure to enjoy!

Trainer Customization

Select from a wide range of styles!

New Pokémon

Catch and tame up to 251 monsters ranging across the generations.

Play as your Pokémon

Directly control your team members!

Explore new regions

Discover up to 6 regions, both new and old!

New Trainers and Leaders

Earn up to 20 badges!

Unique storytelling

Take a journey to create your legacy!

Pokémon Prism is in beta

We recommend that you keep regular backups of your save files while playing in case of unexpected failure.

Latest News

PSA: Pokémon Prism on cartridge

Are you thinking of purchasing Pokémon Prism on a cartridge? Please read this advice while considering! RainbowDevs does not and will never sell Prism on a Game Boy cartridge/Game Pak, and companies that do are doing so without our consent or endorsement. Prism is available for free to download...

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A screenshot from Pokémon Prism showing an unreleased area. It is a small, grassy gully on the coast surrounded by steep cliffs. The player is standing in the centre and facing upwards towards a cave entrance.

Where am I?

Seems we took a wrong turn somewhere…

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PSA: Pokémon Prism on Analogue Pocket

Hi everyone. We’ve been getting an increasing number of bug reports regarding this issue and thought it a good idea to put this message out. Players of Pokémon Prism on Analogue Pocket have been reporting save corruption issues. We have investigated and found the problem is with the Pocket...

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RainbowDevs Archive Launched!

Hello archival enthusiasts! If you’ve ever wanted to download an older version of our games, now you can in one convenient place. We’ve just launched the first phase of the RainbowDevs archive! For now we have listed every RainbowDevs version of Pokémon Prism, but in the future we hope...

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Video: (Almost) full Nuzlocke run of Prism to the E4!

Congrats to YouTuber ProfessorHoenn for beating the Elite 4 with a (nearly) full Nuzlocke run in Pokémon Prism 0.95. It was really awesome to watch you play through the whole story and the feedback was great! Thanks for playing our game! ❤️ Check out the full run below: We...

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24 August 2023



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