Month: April 2016

Anniversary Crystal data dump

Originally posted by asdf14396

Since lots of things have been changed for this hack (wild Pokemon, trainers, and so on), we’ve decided to build some documentation on things like wild encounters, learnsets and the like, since the information available in other sources (e.g., Buibapedia) won’t always apply here.

That documentation will eventually be available for interactive browsing (on the same website as the ROM patches, where right now there is a download link to a .zip file instead). However, the data is also available as a raw JSON file, in case someone wants to do something with the data in machine-parsable form (perhaps even make your own website to show the data, who knows).

EDIT: latest version 2016-05-14 23:50:02

I’ll keep the JSON updated if anything changes, so make sure to check the version in the JSON itself (which is simply a UTC timestamp) to ensure you have the latest version. (Also, fair warning, it’s 8 MB.)

If you have any questions about the dataset, ask ahead and I’ll answer to the best of my capacity. Enjoy!

Original Reddit thread (old links no longer work)

Release: Pokémon Anniversary Crystal

EDIT: Links to our old site no longer work. You can now find Anniversary Crystal downloads at our project page here!

What is Pokémon Brown and why are we playing it?

Originally posted as a primer to the upcoming Twitch Plays Pokémon run of Pokémon Brown. Many people had not heard of Brown, or much of ROM Hacks in general, so I tried to introduce it. It includes a brief rundown of what it is, its history and some comments from the original developer providing insight.

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