Year: 2009

Another observation: playable character

This post is my observation on the playable character, NPCs, and the camera. Awesome stuff if you’re interested. Otherwise, nothing to see here.

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I honest have not tested this idea and I’m not even sure it’s going to work at all. Nevertheless, the Advance games present something curious and unused: the sprite behaviour 0×0B. You might wonder what’s so interesting about it, and let’s explain it. 0×0B, whenever the screen fades (often from exiting a menu – I haven’t actually checked if the XSE “fadescreen” command triggers it as well) the first person shifts from the hero to whatever sprite has this behaviour set to them provided that they’re on the screen.

Also, remember that “camera” command (“special 0×113″)? I believe that all it really does is, similar to what 0×0B does, shifts what the “camera” focuses on (to an invisible sprite, turning the hero into an NPC with the index 0xFF) and when people execute an applymovement command to 0×7F (which controls this original sprite) the screen moves too. (Question: does 0×7F exist only when the camera is activated?) And because sprite 0×7F can be treated like any other sprite, you can apply something as funky as a movesprite command to it. (Don’t attempt to hide 0×7F when the camera is activated, nor attempt to hide 0xFF when the player is in control of the camera. Something… funny will happen.)

Using the movesprite command on 0×7F as I mentioned above, in conjunction with the applymovement command 0×7F, you could effectively pan the camera along the level. 3D Zelda-style area overviews, anyone?

By the way, since the playable character has no script assigned to him/her, the game will crash when whatever’s being controlled attempts to talk to the player. I gotta wonder if there’s actually a way to give 0xFF a script.

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RNG and weather

This is certainly not an original idea. In fact, it’s something that I’ve seen long before – the first person to demonstrate it of whose name I forget designed it for his hack, Pokémon Dirt Brown (which, mind you, actually has no relation to Pokémon Brown and never made it to the public… as the person had lost interest).

Using RNG, I’ve thought up a similar system. It might actually be the same as this one; I’ll never know since the hack never released. My system (which I actually wrote on paper but now the sheet’s disappeared) involves changing weather depending on certain variables to another weather condition. For example, if it’s sunny in a map at the moment, then there may be a small chance that the sky will become cloudy (and then, the area will seemingly dim) when the player enters another map. When the player enters another map, there’s a chance that it will start raining, or it will become clear again. (Perhaps the chance that it starts raining will be somewhat high.) Enter another map, and the rain will either clear instantaneously (low chance), the rain will stop and the map will return to a cloudy state (high chance), or, for the worst possible condition, a thunderstorm will occur (low, low chance).

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Perhaps if structured out, the script would look like, though my sheet of paper did it better so this might not work:

Variables values reserved:
1 = normal, 2 = cloudy, 3 = rain, 4 = thunderstorm, 5 = light fog, 6 = thick fog, 7 = diagonal fog
(5, 6, and 7 will not be used in this sample structure.)

  • Perhaps I’ll keep in mind that, upon switching to a different map where ever the script is loaded:
  • If its currently sunny, 2/20 that it will be cloudy,  17/20 that it will remain sunny, and 1/20 determining that it will suddenly start raining.
  • If it’s cloudy, 5/20 chance that it will suddenly become sunny again, 2/10 that it will remain cloudy,  and 10/20 chance that it will suddenly rain. 3/20 chance that the player will be slapped with a thunderstorm.
  • If it’s currently raining, make a 3/20 chance that a thunderstorm will start, 7/20 that it will continue raining, 2/20 that the rain will cut out, and 8/20 that the rain will stop but the area remains cloudy.
  • Finally, if a thunderstorm has popped up, leave a 13/20 chance that it will reduce into rain again, 3/20 that it’ll quickly become cloudy,  and a 4/20 chance that it will continue as-is.

Due to how the script is formatted, if the player enters a map where the script isn’t already implemented, the conditions in the maps prior will remain. So, if I entered a house in the town where the script was, when I exit, the RNG magic will start again.

Main script

  • Check variable for weather condition set between maps
  • If variable = 1, go to RNG script 1 (sets conditions when normal)
  • If variable = 2, go to RNG script 2 (sets conditions when cloudy)
  • If variable = 3, go to RNG script 3 (sets conditions when raining)
  • If variable = 4, go to RNG script 4 (sets conditions during thunderstorm)

RNG script 1

  • Start RNG, set to 20 (is this meant to be an integer value?) and store into LASTRESULT.
  • Copy LASTRESULT to variable.
  • (Following the chances set above) If RNG returns 0 (treat as hex?), go to script that sets weather to cloudy.
  • If RNG returns 1, set to cloudy.
  • If RNG returns 2, run script that ends script without doing anything.
  • If RNG returns 3, do nothing.
  • If RNG returns 4, do nothing.

(the rest of the script would be rinse and repeat of RNGs and such, so it’s cut for brevity)

Wow, I just gave other hackers a tip. Maybe though, if I decide to actually embrace variables, this script could be made much more efficient than it is here. If anyone wants to give me tips, by all means comment.

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Adios, The World of Rijon forums

It took its time – The World of Rijon Forums is now out of the picture. This spurred from a lack of motivation to keep it up-to-date and it wasn’t exactly active to begin with. But that’s not going to hold us back now, is it? Nope; look forward to a Pokémon ROM hacking Wiki in the future to replace it. (Couple that with vBulletin’s expensive licensing solutions and the situation gets expensive.)

If you need help with the Rijon trilogy, some options will remain available: the Wiki will have discussion areas for help with any hack available there (obviously, the Rijon series will be there too). Alternatively, the PokéCommunity Forums offer the Rijon Trilogy help thread, and threads for rijonAdventures, Brown and Prism.

And if that’s not enough, Commenting is enabled on our blog posts so that you can criticise every single move we do.

Thank you for your support of the Rijon trilogy, and we hope to see your activity in future efforts.

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Gym Leader campaign… again!

You’ve heard of “Challenge Leaders” before, but the whole concept hasn’t really been explained that much. I’ve actually ended up calling them “Gym Leaders” again, but the entire concept behind them remains the same. What are they, exactly?

Rachel and Chad are two Gym Leaders of… South Rijon. That’s right; you heard right – South Rijon has Gym Leaders. The reward for defeating them is a secret right now, but unlike Gold/Silver, where you end up battling Gym Leaders at toned-down levels, South Rijon’s Gym Leaders are going to be challenging. When I say challenging, I mean Level 60+ challenging.

Oh, and the final challenge (South Rijon’s champion)? Expect a fight where the highest-levelled Pokémon is an astoundingly high Level 100. (The regret here is that you may, unless you cheat or find a random supply of Rare Candy, never actually be able to finish the game.) Who’s the hotshot with such a crazy, blasphemy-of-a-high levelled Pokémon?

That’s for another day.

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Speaking of refinements (late)

The website blog’s being melded back into the main site, meaning that the “rijonAdventures official site” is finished. The old site will still be up (but not updated – feel free to steal that layout for your own website if you’re still interested. Or, steal any of our older, uglier layouts for your own site.) The PokéCommunity’s rijonAdventures thread will also be updated with information seen in this blog.

Future updates will be posted here. Like this update I’m posting right now.

Lakes Entrance, South Rijon

Have you seen the new town in South Rijon? This is the first town you’ll come to.

Lakes Entrance is actually based a bit off the Victorian town of the same name. As such, it’s a town that’s far from the city and being the first town of South Rijon, it’s also a tourist area. (I forgot to put a Hotel in.) It’s got a beach and is known for Krabby fishing, too. (The real Lakes Entrance is popular because it’s abundant with crabs, mind you the crustacean kind, though they, unlike Krabby, are fished out, cooked and eaten.)

What more is there to South Rijon? I’ll reveal some information later on about it. Maybe.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. The PokéCommunity thread linked here still existed but some of the original posts have been deleted, so an archive link has been included instead.

What’s this?

This is very clearly a blog – and it’s a work in progress as part of a nice visual and technical refresh. We’ve upgraded to WordPress! And we’re missing tons of content! (I mean to fix this.) So while we’re getting prepared (and this time I’m actually ready to work on it since WordPress is damn awesome to use) take the pleasure to browse our forums.

By the way, if you liked that irrelevant TF2 page, you can see it again here.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. It was posted to introduce the new, WordPress-based website. The World of Rijon Forums were also hosted here and shut down – an archive link has been included.

Getting closer, getting more refined

Been a while, hasn’t it? Got some updates for you guys, though they are admittedly pretty minor. I’m not close enough to a final release, but I’m not dead and rijonAdventures isn’t dead either. That’s a promise! (*By admission, SoulSilver will occupy my soul for a while once it releases.)

Because I haven’t been making my intentions clear, I’ll re-state them. The actual final release will be coincident with Pokémon Prism, but since that won’t be up for a while I won’t be giving the all-clear either. However, I do intend to make a more complete beta release – maybe one that’ll be close to the final version, just without the touches added.

With that out of the way, here’s some screenshots of what you will see in the next and final version – refinements to existing areas.

Seashore City finally has a sea shore.
The Guru gives information on stuff you might not know, and tips on your adventure.
Cycling Road has been completely rebuilt.
Hayward better reflects changes done 20 years in the future.
What’s a Trainer Lounge?
More Seashore City.
Mt. Boulder Range is completely redone too.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

2009 beta

How was Christmas and the New Year? Was it fine? I’ve got something new for the New Year, too.

Download now

This release is more of an incremental thing. It fixes a few bugs that people have encountered, but it also adds the updated Merson Cave map I showed off earlier. Give it a whirl if you’d like!

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. This was the last known stable release of rijonAdventures, so the download button links to the current page.

rijonAdventures X [Unofficial release]

EDIT: The creator of this unofficial release has edited their post to add “This is an awful and unbalanced version of the hack. I’m not even sure if it still works. This isn’t fun unless you’re a straight up masochist.” So – play at your own risk!

A fan of rijonAdventures has released a modified version of Pokémon rijonAdventures!

Try it here.

Originally posted on PokéCommunity by user Disturbed.

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