Release: Pokémon Anniversary Crystal 1.2.2

EDIT: Links to our old site no longer work. You can now find Anniversary Crystal downloads at our project page here!

It’s rather crucial that you are using this version rather than the previous, as we unintentionally introduced a bug with some flag checks.

Please make sure to update to this version ASAP! To be safe, please save next to a door so you can enter/exit to reload map data, as some things did need to be shuffled.

As always, also available over on the main TPPDevs site.

As a bonus, Pokemon Distribution only requires you having 16 Badges now, rather than the entire ‘dex complete!

Version 1.2.2

  • Fix Paras’ menu icon not animating
  • Slight alteration to male player sprite to stop hair from growing when walking
  • Fix PokeDex completion check for Diploma
  • Pokemon Distribution now gated behind having 16 GYM Badges, rather than all 251 Pokemon

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