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24 May 2016

Base Game

Pokémon Crystal US

It's Crystal... but not as you know it.

Pokemon Crystal! New maps! New encounters! Fairy types? New plot twists?? Who’s that guy in green, and why do I keep running into him?!
And what’s with that bird?

The second fully-custom game mod, this time for for Pokémon Crystal. Anniversary Crystal adds more content than ever before, while blowing the existing mod, Anniversary Red, completely out of the water. New dungeons, new encounters, new maps, music, trainers, and more! Take a journey from your hometown in Kanto like never before on your quest to capture all 251 Pokemon!

New Story

Start from Pallet Town in Kanto!

Tougher Challenges

Get ready to train! Improved AI, level buffs and higher tier Pokémon to fight.

Trainer customisation

Change your trainer color!

Choose your edition

Standard Game (Easy)

Normal game with normal AI. This will run on real hardware and most modern emulators.

If you are unsure which game to download, download this one.

Enhanced AI (Advanced)

If you want a challenge and are familiar with LUA script, try our specially enhanced AI.

Please note that this is not a simple setup and requires our custom emulator and Windows PC.

Enhanced AI & Emulator Setup (Advanced)

The emulator we used when developing Anniversary Crystal is a custom build of Visual Boy Advance ReRecording (VBA-RR), which is a fork of Visual Boy Advance.

Setting Up the AI

This section and the one below are only required if you are running the AI build and are attempting to set up the external AI. If you are not, you can simply use the ROM you have patched above.

  1. Download Python 3 for Windows.
  2. Run the installer. Opt to install for all users if you know what you’re doing.
  3. Open a Command Prompt window and run “pip install –upgrade pip”. You may get an OSError; ignore it. Optionally, in the same Command Prompt window, run “pip install flask”.
  4. Extract the game files from the ZIP archive.
  5. Patch the ROM using the included .ips file.

Running the AI with the game

  1. Open a Command Prompt window, and navigate to the directory “ai” in the extracted zip file. To do this, type “cd” and hit the spacebar. In Windows Explorer, copy the path from the address bar. If the address does not start with “C:\”, type “/d” in the command prompt window, then hit the spacebar.
  2. Now, paste the copied path into the command prompt window, and hit Enter/Return.
  3. If you ran step 4 of Installing Python, type “python” and hit Enter/Return. Otherwise, type “python” and hit Enter/Return.
  4. Launch the emulator, VBA-RR-244/VBA-RR-244.exe.
  5. Open the newly-patched ROM.
  6. In the emulator, click on Tools > Lua Scripting > New Lua Script Window…
  7. Click the button that says Browse…
  8. If you haven’t touched anything in VBA’s directory settings, click Open. Otherwise, you’ll have to navigate to VBA-RR-244/lua first.
  9. Click Run.
  10. Play the game!

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24 May 2016

Base Game

Pokémon Crystal US



IPS Patch
(with optional enhanced AI)

File Size

3.1MB (with AI)


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