Gym Leader campaign… again!

You’ve heard of “Challenge Leaders” before, but the whole concept hasn’t really been explained that much. I’ve actually ended up calling them “Gym Leaders” again, but the entire concept behind them remains the same. What are they, exactly?

Rachel and Chad are two Gym Leaders of… South Rijon. That’s right; you heard right – South Rijon has Gym Leaders. The reward for defeating them is a secret right now, but unlike Gold/Silver, where you end up battling Gym Leaders at toned-down levels, South Rijon’s Gym Leaders are going to be challenging. When I say challenging, I mean Level 60+ challenging.

Oh, and the final challenge (South Rijon’s champion)? Expect a fight where the highest-levelled Pokémon is an astoundingly high Level 100. (The regret here is that you may, unless you cheat or find a random supply of Rare Candy, never actually be able to finish the game.) Who’s the hotshot with such a crazy, blasphemy-of-a-high levelled Pokémon?

That’s for another day.

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Elite Four Marisa

A bit of background first; I’ve never actually revealed much about the Elite Four, and while the beta testing team probably know their PokĂ©mon, they don’t know exactly who they are or what they look like.

The Rijon Elite Four has changed significantly. The members are not the same Elite Four of Rijon that was shown in Brown, so it’s probably going to be nice to introduce some of you to one of the new members. I’ll only introduce two of them publicly, so the other two and their stories are going to remain a mystery for a while…

Marisa is the grand daughter of the Elite Four’s Agatha. Agatha herself was part of Rijon’s Elite Four (after leaving Kanto). As such, she has a similar preference of Ghost PokĂ©mon to her grandmother. Marisa carries around a mask which she occasionally wears around in public.

She is the third member of Rijon’s current Elite Four.

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Gym Leader Lachlan – “Karpman”

Nicknamed “Karpman” in comparison to “Cartman” from South Park. His name is actually a pun of Magikarp. In rijonAdventures, a first name is revealed, but he’ll still be known by the name Karpman throughout most of the game. Everyone knows him by that nickname.

Lachlan is the first gym leader you encounter in Rijon. His gym is located in Merson City. You’ll find him to be a bit of a challenge depending on how well you’ve trained, and since his team consists of two water PokĂ©mon, you might want to catch a Bellsprout if you picked Charmander as your starting PokĂ©mon. Funny that, the PokĂ©mon he uses in battle are very similar to the ones he used in PokĂ©mon Brown…

Inside the Merson Gym
Relations. And she knows Karpman’s real name!
Time for a battle!

Karpman’s not always in the gym. He trains on a beach sometimes and isn’t against a rematch with you. Even still, he’s not going to battle you with his so-called main team.

Hmm… I wonder what his main team even is…?

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Gym Leader Scott


The third gym leader has only really appeared in the latest rijonAdventures beta, and his backstory isn’t really all that large. Scott is an eleven year old PokĂ©mon trainer. Actually, no, he’s a Gym Leader of Jaeru City. And, despite his age, he’s more than just a Gym Leader.

Scott is an electrician, and works at all sorts of places. Though he’s seen with his retired father who tries to constantly tries to advise him how to work, he doesn’t need it. He’s that smart. And because he’s often doing small electrical jobs, you may not actually be able to get to his Gym (in the final version, of course).

Oh, and, as his trade is electric work, his favorite kinds of Pokémon are also of the electric-type.

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What is the Rijon region?

Map of the Rijon region

To those new to the Rijon Trilogy, you probably don’t know what the region of Rijon is.

Rijon first appears in Pokémon Brown. It consists of numerous cities. First, you probably should know where you start—Seashore City. Seashore is one of the cities in the southwest area of Rijon, known for many mountains and caves. Many cities and forests the west to the east areas of Rijon. The eastern area is particularly known for Castro Valley, which is a harbor town. The southern area of Rijon consists of the sea and nothing more.

Geographically in the Rijon Trilogy canon, Rijon is located south of Johto; there is a small island in Johto which connects to the region. West of Rijon is the Naljo region, which is featured in Pokémon Prism. And new to rijonAdventures is South Rijon, which is south of the Rijon region, accessible from Merson City.

There are a lot of things in Rijon that I’ll detail in later entries. Stay tuned!

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Merson City Hot Springs

Let’s face it; no Japanese-style hotel (in Merson City!) is complete without hot springs! And there’s one way to get into them; through the Hotel! This area is not available in the public beta. There’s a small oversight that may allow you to access the exterior suites and the spas, but this may lead to a game-ending glitch. It has been corrected in a small beta rerelease which you can download in the Downloads section.

Archivist’s note: Sorry, we currently do not have a copy of this release.

Access through the old man in the Hotel once you’ve gotten to a certain point.
The old lady lets you into the spring. It’s an old lady because old ladies are more responsible, obviously.
Aaaaaaah. Relaxing!

You may accidentally smash into the women’s spa by a not-so-obvious means (or if you’re a girl player, vice versa). If you’re a boy, you’re invading the privacy of numerous women, so your appearance is not so welcome.

Your exit won’t be so easy.

That’s just morally wrong, but oh so comedic.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. The original screenshots in this blog post have been lost. They have been recreated based on the surviving text.

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