Let’s face it; no Japanese-style hotel (in Merson City!) is complete without hot springs! And there’s one way to get into them; through the Hotel! This area is not available in the public beta. There’s a small oversight that may allow you to access the exterior suites and the spas, but this may lead to a game-ending glitch. It has been corrected in a small beta rerelease which you can download in the Downloads section.

Archivist’s note: Sorry, we currently do not have a copy of this release.

Access through the old man in the Hotel once you’ve gotten to a certain point.
The old lady lets you into the spring. It’s an old lady because old ladies are more responsible, obviously.
Aaaaaaah. Relaxing!

You may accidentally smash into the women’s spa by a not-so-obvious means (or if you’re a girl player, vice versa). If you’re a boy, you’re invading the privacy of numerous women, so your appearance is not so welcome.

Your exit won’t be so easy.

That’s just morally wrong, but oh so comedic.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. The original screenshots in this blog post have been lost. They have been recreated based on the surviving text.

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