All playable releases of Pokémon rijonAdventures.

We’re back!

EDIT: The release here is an unstable in-dev release not intended for serious gameplay. For the last-known stable version of the game, please head over to the game page.

Boy did we look bad, huh? We needed a design refresh (because the layout was… eaten by an update) and so we’ve got one! It’s based off the layout I made for Delicious Rocket though I don’t think the layout looks as good without the awesome bokeh effect, but I really am overusing that.

So, what’s new?

  • Pokémon: rijonAdventures has a new version release with lots of stuff in it, but it also has lots of bugs. Why? Because it’s the direct copy I’ve been working on. You have yourself a grade A developers’ copy (which is dangerous!) And, I’ve been refining it to make it better all the way through, but you won’t see those refinements yet! More awesome stuff about that soon, but you can grab the unstable copy here.
  • Koolboyman is planning to start a private beta test for Pokémon Prism around June for the existing test group (but no promises!) Hopefully, I can get him to actually start posting here more often.
  • The rijonWorld forums are coming back with single sign on with WordPress soon, but I’m currently working things out. Yeah, the wiki idea didn’t quite work out.

Oh, and the layout’s currently under construction. How’s it look?

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

2009 beta

How was Christmas and the New Year? Was it fine? I’ve got something new for the New Year, too.

Download now

This release is more of an incremental thing. It fixes a few bugs that people have encountered, but it also adds the updated Merson Cave map I showed off earlier. Give it a whirl if you’d like!

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. This was the last known stable release of rijonAdventures, so the download button links to the current page.

Merry Christmas!

EDIT: This version is out of date. Check out the rijonAdventures page for the latest version!

The rijonAdventures Christmas 2008 Beta is finally out!

Download now

This is my present to everyone.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. We do not currently have a copy of the Christmas 2008 Beta for download.

Merson City Hot Springs

Let’s face it; no Japanese-style hotel (in Merson City!) is complete without hot springs! And there’s one way to get into them; through the Hotel! This area is not available in the public beta. There’s a small oversight that may allow you to access the exterior suites and the spas, but this may lead to a game-ending glitch. It has been corrected in a small beta rerelease which you can download in the Downloads section.

Archivist’s note: Sorry, we currently do not have a copy of this release.

Access through the old man in the Hotel once you’ve gotten to a certain point.
The old lady lets you into the spring. It’s an old lady because old ladies are more responsible, obviously.
Aaaaaaah. Relaxing!

You may accidentally smash into the women’s spa by a not-so-obvious means (or if you’re a girl player, vice versa). If you’re a boy, you’re invading the privacy of numerous women, so your appearance is not so welcome.

Your exit won’t be so easy.

That’s just morally wrong, but oh so comedic.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. The original screenshots in this blog post have been lost. They have been recreated based on the surviving text.

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