Gym Leader Lachlan – “Karpman”

Nicknamed “Karpman” in comparison to “Cartman” from South Park. His name is actually a pun of Magikarp. In rijonAdventures, a first name is revealed, but he’ll still be known by the name Karpman throughout most of the game. Everyone knows him by that nickname.

Lachlan is the first gym leader you encounter in Rijon. His gym is located in Merson City. You’ll find him to be a bit of a challenge depending on how well you’ve trained, and since his team consists of two water Pokémon, you might want to catch a Bellsprout if you picked Charmander as your starting Pokémon. Funny that, the Pokémon he uses in battle are very similar to the ones he used in Pokémon Brown…

Inside the Merson Gym
Relations. And she knows Karpman’s real name!
Time for a battle!

Karpman’s not always in the gym. He trains on a beach sometimes and isn’t against a rematch with you. Even still, he’s not going to battle you with his so-called main team.

Hmm… I wonder what his main team even is…?

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

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