Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0217


  • Various crash screen-related errors and crashes fixed
  • Printing a PokeDex entry no longer causes the game to crash
  • Route 49 cannot be entered without a bike, as intended
  • Iron Pickaxe should no longer create purple-colored screens when used by female players
  • Pokemon received via events will now have the correct held items even when sent to the PC
  • Fixed bug where deducting PP from a move (due to using it in battle) would also reset PP Ups
  • Fixed Groudon’s Pokedex entry

Mechanic changes

  • Continued Moveset fixes
  • Arcanine and Vulpix now learn Body Slam via TM
  • Lunatone and Solrock now learn Cosmic Power via TM
  • Gliscor now learns Dark Pulse via TM
  • Hitmontop and Jigglypuff line now learn Dig via TM
  • Buneary line and Torkoal now learn Double Team via TM
  • Sylveon now learns Endure via TM
  • Cacnea and Chimecho now learn Energy Ball via TM
  • Spiritomb now learns Flash via TM
  • Onix now learns Flash Cannon via TM
  • Sableye now learns Ice Punch via TM
  • Graveler, Golem and Togekiss now learn Metronome via TM
  • Feebas line now learns Protect via TM
  • Magby and Spiritomb now learn Psychic via TM
  • Moltres now learns Sandstorm via TM
  • Slowbro now learns Seismic Toss via TM
  • Gliscor now learns Sky Attack via TM
  • Zubat and Golbat now learn Sludge Bomb via TM
  • Togekiss now learns Sunny Day via TM
  • Feebas line and Sylveon now learn Swagger via TM
  • Mewtwo and Snorlax now learn Thunder via TM
  • Slowking now learns Thunder Wave via TM
  • Spearow line now learns Tri Attack via TM
  • Ho-Oh now learns Will-O-Wisp via TM
  • Porygon now learns Zap Cannon via TM
  • Void Sphere now has 15 PP
  • Ghost Hammer now has 85 power, 100% accuracy and 15 PP
  • Naljo Fury now makes STAB moves deal 250% damage (was 300%) while in Naljo and in link battles or battle facilities
  • Do note that link battle functionality is still being worked on and is non-functional currently
  • Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor now speed up egg hatching even when not at the top of the party
  • Burnt Berries are now sellable and tossable, preventing someone from being stuck with them
  • Volbeat and Illumise can now generate each other via breeding

Feature changes

  • Move info screen now labels power as ‘Pow’, not ‘Atk’

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