Release: Pokémon Pinball Generations 1.5

Some small bug fixes, including the following:

Fix bug where water stone and leaf stone graphics were buggy in the top-half of all boards

Get the game here.

The current version is 1.5.

Release: Pokémon Pinball Generations 1.3

EDIT: This version is now out of date! You can find the latest version of Pinball Generations by clicking here.

Another bug fix release for Pokémon Pinball Generations, including fixes for Scyther, rare Pokémon not showing and breeding on Red/Blue tables.

Grab it here!

The current version is 1.3.

We’re working on some larger updates too!

Release: Pokémon Pinball Generations 1.1

EDIT: this version is now out of date! You can find the latest version of Pinball Generations by clicking here

A small update has been issued for Pokémon Pinball Generations, addressing an issue where Kingdra was unobtainable.

You can get the game right here:

Or find it on PokéCommunity here:

Changelog: Version 0.95.0254 (Hotfix 5)

Version 0.95, build 0254 (24 August 2023):

  • Sage in Route 54 now has the right party
  • Fixed NPC blocking a door in Saxifrage Prison
  • Updated the Clathrite Tunnel ice/boulder puzzle to prevent a softlock
  • Night Slash is now boosted by Sharpness
  • Counter now works correctly when the opponent didn’t deal damage during the previous turn and is no longer affected by type matchups other than immunity
  • Renamed some items (Item Finder, ParalyzeHeal, Upgrade, X Defense) to match modern practice
  • Tri type now has proper defensive type matchups (only observable through the use of Conversion)
  • Pokemon portraits in the overworld now show with their correct shininess for all events
  • Battle Arcade battles are now scored correctly (broken last build)
  • Fixed shiny and PC/Pokedex coloring for Blastoise and Caterpie
  • Updated level-up moves for Goldeen and Seaking
  • Minor text and map fixes

Changelog: Version 0.95.0250 (Hotfix 2)

  • Fixed crashes and softlocks related to the use of Cage Keys
  • Route sign in Route 78 no longer crashes the game
  • Train tracks in Route 82 are no longer walkable
  • Fixed incorrect note in the Lighthouse theme
  • Fixed wrong tile in Laurel Lab that made a scientist stand on a table
  • Silph Warehouse now contains a door to the back room instead of blank space
  • Minor text changes


Changelog: Version 0.95.0249 (Hotfix 1)

  • Fixed patcher bug where players patching a savefile from Southerly City’s
    Pokemon Center would end up in a glitched map
  • Fixed tileset bug (affecting Mound Cave and the minecart area in Firelight
    Caverns) that would softlock players attempting to progress through the cave

Changelog: Version 0.95.0248

Check out the full, unredacted changelog from Pokémon Prism 0.95

Changelog: Version 0.94.0237

General fixes

  • Magikarp Caverns rapids can now be entered with up to 35 items in the pack
  • Evolution items now correctly determine whether a Pokemon can evolve for gender-dependent evolutions
  • Fixed all QR codes
  • Some minor text fixes
  • Tool compatibility: source code now works on latest RGBDS, and Polished Map collisions work on maps

Type Rebalance

  • Gas type now resists Ground-type and Fairy-type moves, no longer resists Bug-type moves, is no longer weak to Ice-type and Sound-type moves, and is now weak to Electric-type moves
  • Ghost type no longer resists Gas-type moves
  • Normal type no longer resists Sound-type moves
  • Psychic type is no longer weak to Sound-type moves
  • Sound type is no longer weak to Normal-type moves
  • Water type is now weak to Sound-type moves


  • Mew and Varaneous can now learn all possible TM and HM moves
  • Rampardos can now learn Body Slam via TM
  • Slowking can now learn Boil via TM
  • Crobat can now learn Cosmic Power via TM
  • Raiwato can now learn Crystal Bolt via TM
  • Mamoswine can now learn Defense Curl via TM
  • Onix can now learn Dragonbreath via TM
  • Mamoswine can now learn Dust Devil via TM
  • Dusknoir and Fambaco can now learn DynamicPunch via TM
  • Chingling line, Feebas line, Illumise, Snorunt, Taillow line and Volbeat can now learn Endure via TM
  • Bellsprout line, Fambaco, Magnemite line, Phancero, Sylveon and Tentacool line can now learn Headbutt via TM
  • Phancero can now learn Hidden Power via TM
  • All Eeveelutions can now learn Mustard Gas via TM
  • Luxray can now learn Night Shade via TM
  • Slowking can now learn Noise Pulse via TM
  • Libabeel can now learn Prism Spray via TM
  • Electivire, Glaceon, Leafeon, Slowking and Umbreon can now learn Reflect via TM
  • Scizor can now learn Sky Attack via TM
  • Abra line, Geodude line and Phancero can now learn Swift via TM
  • Ariados, Goldeen line, Rapidash and Yanma line can now learn Swords Dance via TM
  • Raiwato can now learn Thunder Wave via TM
  • Steelix can now learn Void Sphere via TM
  • Rhyperior and Slowking can now learn Zap Cannon via TM

Changelog: Version 0.94.0235


  • Fixed old patch bug breaking the bag data for builds before 0223
  • Fixed tearing in stats screen
  • Battles in Pokemon-only mode now show the proper coloring for the player’s Pokemon when it is sent out if it is shiny
  • Ensured that trainers in route 66 cannot approach you from off-screen
  • Attacks that don’t affect the opponent now print the correct failure message after an ability blocked a previous attack in the same battle
  • Fixed flicker in title screen
  • Fixed a broken arrow in the Token Tracker screen
  • Some text and map fixes

Mechanic Changes

  • Illumise and Volbeat can now generate each other’s eggs when breeding
  • Porygon-Z and Swellow can now learn Hyper Voice via TM
  • Swapped Andre’s Full Heal for a Lum Berry

Feature Changes

  • Added GBS file generation for music players (and added it to the patch)
  • Added new song for trainer battles in Naljo
  • Nickname screen automatically switches to lowercase after entering the first letter
  • Changed the formatting of the version and build number in the main menu
  • Title screen now says “2017-2019 RainbowDevs”
  • Improved some trainer sprites
  • Minor visual improvements in the player customization screens

Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0229 (Hotfix)


  • Fixed bug related to Pickup that would cause the wrong message to be printed, as well as occasional crashes
  • Happiness no longer overflows to zero when maxed out
  • Minor text and map fixes
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