Changelog: Version 0.94.0237

General fixes

  • Magikarp Caverns rapids can now be entered with up to 35 items in the pack
  • Evolution items now correctly determine whether a Pokemon can evolve for gender-dependent evolutions
  • Fixed all QR codes
  • Some minor text fixes
  • Tool compatibility: source code now works on latest RGBDS, and Polished Map collisions work on maps

Type Rebalance

  • Gas type now resists Ground-type and Fairy-type moves, no longer resists Bug-type moves, is no longer weak to Ice-type and Sound-type moves, and is now weak to Electric-type moves
  • Ghost type no longer resists Gas-type moves
  • Normal type no longer resists Sound-type moves
  • Psychic type is no longer weak to Sound-type moves
  • Sound type is no longer weak to Normal-type moves
  • Water type is now weak to Sound-type moves


  • Mew and Varaneous can now learn all possible TM and HM moves
  • Rampardos can now learn Body Slam via TM
  • Slowking can now learn Boil via TM
  • Crobat can now learn Cosmic Power via TM
  • Raiwato can now learn Crystal Bolt via TM
  • Mamoswine can now learn Defense Curl via TM
  • Onix can now learn Dragonbreath via TM
  • Mamoswine can now learn Dust Devil via TM
  • Dusknoir and Fambaco can now learn DynamicPunch via TM
  • Chingling line, Feebas line, Illumise, Snorunt, Taillow line and Volbeat can now learn Endure via TM
  • Bellsprout line, Fambaco, Magnemite line, Phancero, Sylveon and Tentacool line can now learn Headbutt via TM
  • Phancero can now learn Hidden Power via TM
  • All Eeveelutions can now learn Mustard Gas via TM
  • Luxray can now learn Night Shade via TM
  • Slowking can now learn Noise Pulse via TM
  • Libabeel can now learn Prism Spray via TM
  • Electivire, Glaceon, Leafeon, Slowking and Umbreon can now learn Reflect via TM
  • Scizor can now learn Sky Attack via TM
  • Abra line, Geodude line and Phancero can now learn Swift via TM
  • Ariados, Goldeen line, Rapidash and Yanma line can now learn Swords Dance via TM
  • Raiwato can now learn Thunder Wave via TM
  • Steelix can now learn Void Sphere via TM
  • Rhyperior and Slowking can now learn Zap Cannon via TM

Prism’s brand-new, custom Naljo Trainer music

We a super privileged to announce that the ever-talented ShinkoNetCavy has composed a brand-new, totally customer trainer battle music for the latest build of Pokémon Prism!

Find Shinko on:

Hear the track in the newest build. See our game page for details!

Changelog: Version 0.94.0235


  • Fixed old patch bug breaking the bag data for builds before 0223
  • Fixed tearing in stats screen
  • Battles in Pokemon-only mode now show the proper coloring for the player’s Pokemon when it is sent out if it is shiny
  • Ensured that trainers in route 66 cannot approach you from off-screen
  • Attacks that don’t affect the opponent now print the correct failure message after an ability blocked a previous attack in the same battle
  • Fixed flicker in title screen
  • Fixed a broken arrow in the Token Tracker screen
  • Some text and map fixes

Mechanic Changes

  • Illumise and Volbeat can now generate each other’s eggs when breeding
  • Porygon-Z and Swellow can now learn Hyper Voice via TM
  • Swapped Andre’s Full Heal for a Lum Berry

Feature Changes

  • Added GBS file generation for music players (and added it to the patch)
  • Added new song for trainer battles in Naljo
  • Nickname screen automatically switches to lowercase after entering the first letter
  • Changed the formatting of the version and build number in the main menu
  • Title screen now says “2017-2019 RainbowDevs”
  • Improved some trainer sprites
  • Minor visual improvements in the player customization screens

Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0229 (Hotfix)


  • Fixed bug related to Pickup that would cause the wrong message to be printed, as well as occasional crashes
  • Happiness no longer overflows to zero when maxed out
  • Minor text and map fixes

Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0228


  • Fixed the cries of a few Pokemon that had gotten distorted
  • Graphical glitches fixed in the initial warp animation into the overworld when the player starts a new game
  • Replaced duplicate trainer in Route 76 by the one it should have been
  • Many text fixes

Feature Changes

  • Added an additional textbox border to the options
  • Fossil Case now displays the number of fossils it contains when used
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