Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0215

Mechanic changes

  • Continued Moveset fixes
  • Buneary line and Phanpy line now learn Defense Curl via TM
  • Bronzong and Drifloon line now learn Explosion via TM
  • Altaria, Feebas line, Gyarados, Mewtwo and Sylveon now learn Iron Tail via TM
  • Goldeen and Spinarak line now learn Megahorn via TM
  • Hitmontop, Torkoal and Wailmer line now learn Rollout via TM
  • Buneary line, Lucario, Mewtwo, Togekiss and Zubat line now learn Shadow Ball via TM
  • Rampardos, Steelix and Tentacool line now learn Cut via HM
  • Lotad, Mawile and Surskit line now learn Sweet Scent via TM
  • Exeggcute line now learns Swords Dance via TM
  • Intimidate now triggers after a faint-induced switch
  • Pressure no longer decreases the PP of moves that don’t target its owner
  • Entry and end turn abilities should now process in the right order
  • Waterfall now has a 20% flinch chance (was 0%)

Feature changes

  • Items PC now shows item quantities for all items (including key items)

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