Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0213


  • Smelting no longer causes crashes
  • Battle Tower attendant’s initial menu no longer contains a blank entry
  • X items should now behave properly

Mechanic changes

  • Continued Moveset fixes
  • Aggron, Charmander line, Mamoswine, Mawile, Numel line and Togekiss now learn AncientPower via TM
  • Duskull, Espeon, Umbreon, Gligar, Ninetales, Spiritomb and Togekiss now learn Dream Eater via TM
  • Breloom, Dusclops, Flaaffy, Groudon, Lombre, Mewtwo, Sableye and Whismur line now learn DynamicPunch via TM
  • Gallade, Magcargo, Magmortar and Phanpy line now learn Earthquake via TM
  • Flygon and Numel line now learn Fire Blast via TM
  • Flygon, Numel line, Slowpoke and Slowbro now learn Flamethrower via TM
  • Duskull line, Gengar, Misdreavus line, Onix, Sableye and Shuppet line now learn Headbutt via TM
  • Metang, Togetic, Trapinch and Vibrava now learn Hyper Beam via TM
  • Mareep line and Togekiss now learn Safeguard via TM
  • Arcanine, Houndour, Leafeon, Moltres, Ninetales, Ponyta line and Snorlax now learn Solarbeam via TM
  • Snorlax now learns Thunderbolt via TM
  • Cacnea, Charmander line, Geodude line, Groudon, Lombre and Pichu now learn ThunderPunch via TM
  • Cranidos line, Crobat, Makuhita line, Skorupi line and Snorlax now learn Whirlwind via TM

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