Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0207


  • Moraga Town’s Pokemart sign no longer crashes the game
  • Merson and Moraga Gym leaders now wait for a button press before beginning the battle
  • Torenia City celebrity and Route 53 free sample man now wait for a button press before closing the dialogue boxes
  • Missing NPC in Botan City is now reachable by the player

Mechanic changes

  • Trainer in Route 69 now has a team appropriate for that stage in the game, instead of a late-game team
  • Shroomish line can now learn Sludge Bomb via TM, and Breloom can now learn Rock Slide and Iron Tail via TM
  • Breloom can now learn Cut via HM
  • Bronzor can now learn Iron Head via TM
  • Metagross cannot learn Fire Punch via TM any longer
  • Focus Band now has a 10% chance of triggering (was 11.71875%)
  • King’s Rock now behaves as expected and has a 10% chance of triggering
  • BrightPowder, Hustle and CompoundEyes’ accuracy modifiers now apply multiplicatively as expected (instead of additively)
  • Leftovers now triggers only once per turn (broken in previous build)

Feature changes

  • Accuracy and effect accuracy calculations are now exact, devoid of rounding errors and up to late gen standards
  • Fixed Power Herb’s description

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