Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0204


  • Milos Catacombs’ side-scrolling area is now marked as a cave, not a route
  • Fixed window placement in Battle Tower building
  • Raiwato battle now doesn’t stop the background music upon ending
  • NPC trainers no longer attempt to use items they don’t have
  • Exp Share should no longer award double experience points
  • Baton Pass should no longer cause graphical glitches
  • Crobat in Battle Tower now has its original prize moveset (including Aeroblast)
  • Battle Tower now restores consumed held items after exiting
  • Retiring in the Battle Tower no longer resets the win streak
  • Play times of 1000 hours or more now show up correctly in the Continue screen
  • Minor text, dialogue and scripting fixes
  • Minor map updates

Mechanic changes

  • NPC trainers no longer switch Pokemon unnecessarily often (effectively making them less aggressive than the previous update)
  • Enemy Pokemon are now affected by entry hazards (Spikes, Lava Pool) when entering the field due to an AI-triggered switch
  • Fixed a glitch with invalid HP values after capturing a Pokemon with a Shiny Ball (caused by DV changes)
  • Lava Pool cannot override other major status conditions anymore
  • Accuracy and evasion now behave cumulatively (as in generation 3+ games)
  • Intimidate now triggers Competitive
  • Fixed bug where Solarbeam would deal 250 times the damage it should during rainy weather (Yes, it’s nerfed to where it should be now, sorry)
  • Hail and Sandstorm now also properly halve Solarbeam’s damage
  • Weezing can now learn Steel Eater via TM
  • Natu cannot learn AncientPower via TM any longer
  • Magnemite line can now learn Sunny Day and Explosion via TM, and Magneton can also learn Tri Attack and Iron Head (matching Magnezone)
  • Totodile line can now learn Rain Dance via TM
  • Updated some Battle Tower and Battle Arcade sets to hold an Eviolite

Feature changes

  • Added an extra Gold Token in Phacelia City
  • Savefile patching now checks that the player is in a Pokemon Center

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