Speaking of refinements (late)

The website blog’s being melded back into the main site, meaning that the “rijonAdventures official site” is finished. The old site will still be up (but not updated – feel free to steal that layout for your own website if you’re still interested. Or, steal any of our older, uglier layouts for your own site.) The PokéCommunity’s rijonAdventures thread will also be updated with information seen in this blog.

Future updates will be posted here. Like this update I’m posting right now.

Lakes Entrance, South Rijon

Have you seen the new town in South Rijon? This is the first town you’ll come to.

Lakes Entrance is actually based a bit off the Victorian town of the same name. As such, it’s a town that’s far from the city and being the first town of South Rijon, it’s also a tourist area. (I forgot to put a Hotel in.) It’s got a beach and is known for Krabby fishing, too. (The real Lakes Entrance is popular because it’s abundant with crabs, mind you the crustacean kind, though they, unlike Krabby, are fished out, cooked and eaten.)

What more is there to South Rijon? I’ll reveal some information later on about it. Maybe.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. The PokéCommunity thread linked here still existed but some of the original posts have been deleted, so an archive link has been included instead.

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