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First look at the Icy Cave

The name of this area will mostly likely change later on, it’s just a prototype name anyways. Here’s a few screenshots of the area, and the puzzles you must solve in order to pass! The Ice tunnel in Johto will seem like a walk in the park after you see how difficult it really is to solve these puzzles! Like I said, I’m thinking of making huge graphic changes for various areas, and this might be one of them. (In all honestly I didn’t like the Ice Path Graphics in Crystal). And a piece of advice, you’ll need the rock’s help to get you through… you’ll understand why when you play it later on.

Remember, comments are highly appreciated.

Original post: http://pokemonbronze.blogspot.com/2006/07/first-look-at-icy-cave.html

Welcome to the Blog

Hey there, I’m Koolboyman, and welcome to the blog, where I’ll be posting updated on how Bronze is doing. The scheduled released date for the final version is January 16th, 2007.

Honestly, I’ve looked back at Brown and noticed that I could of made it so much better, but I can’t turn back time, so I’m making an awesome sequel. I spend often day and night wondering what I can add and improve in this little hack, and revolutionize the hacking world… again. If you were impressed with Pokemon Brown, you’re in for a lot of surprises in Bronze, which will be much better than Gold (Irony). I’ll be posting updated on the game as well. I wont reveal EVERYTHING, because that would spoil the fun of playing it later, just small titbits, but even the smallest of titbits I’m sure you will enjoy. 🙂

(Note: The Screenshots are taken from the Alpha version, meaning what is shown might not actually be in the final version, I’m also working on some new graphics, so the graphics might be different too.)

And here, I leave you with the final version of the world map. Enjoy it 🙂

Original post: http://pokemonbronze.blogspot.com/2006/07/welcome-to-blog.html

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