Changelog: Version 0.94, build 0203


  • Fixed Varaneous’s roaming location for players for whom it was stuck
  • Battle Tower should now keep proper track of win streaks
  • Conversion2 no longer crashes when used after a move that would leave it without any valid types to choose from
  • Fixed bug that would undo Aftermath’s damage
  • Last text line before battle of some gym leaders (Whitney, Bugsy, Sabrina) and the Saffron Dojo leader is now readable (waits for an A/B press)
  • Prevented hacked-in invalid items from crashing the game when loaded
  • Minor text and scripting fixes

Mechanic changes

  • In-game trainers now switch more often (and more optimally) in battle
  • Hi Jump Kick now gets boosted by Reckless
  • Magmortar can now learn Vaporize and Barrier via move reminder

Feature changes

  • Synchronize now prints the correct message when inflicting a burn due to copying Flame Body
  • Abilities no longer print a message when attempting to heal their user between turns while at maximum HP
  • HP bars are no longer slanted (put on hold until they are no longer buggy)

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