Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0197


  • The egg appraiser in Hayward City no longer gives infinite eggs
  • Fixed sequence break that would let the player reach Phlox Town without going through the Naljo Ruins and Saxifrage
  • Ensured that both items in the Goldenrod Mart basement are always obtainable
  • Fixed potential glitch that would prevent some trainers from initiating battle with the player from a distance
  • Item ball in Provincial Park can now also be picked up during the minigame
  • Fixed visual glitch that would keep the text box open while healing in the Naljo Ruins oasis
  • Fixed glitch that would cause a hole in the Naljo Ruins to remain hidden even after falling through it
  • Fixed visual glitch with HP bars when a battle participant receives recoil damage
  • Updated item description for Prz Guard
  • Fixed a bug when calculating win streaks in the Battle Tower
  • Blackjack now shows the correct winner
  • Various text fixes and updates

Mechanic Changes

  • Steel-type Pokemon can no longer be poisoned
  • Kyogre now learns Ice Beam and Storm Front via TM
  • Metang and Metagross now learn DynamicPunch via TM

Feature Changes

  • NPC text and Pokedex entries are now in metric units by default (imperial units can still be selected as an option)
  • Adjusted the heights and weights for Varaneous, Raiwato, Libabeel, Fambaco, and Phancero to valid (metric) values

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