Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0196


  • Eevee no longer causes a crash when it attempts to evolve
  • Trainers in Acania Gym now properly close their textboxes before making the gas disappear
  • Gym leader in Owsauri now waits for the player to press A before starting the battle
  • Experimental Battle Tower tycoon crash fix
  • Some text changes and map fixes

Mechanic Changes

  • White Apricorns are now obtainable
  • Battle Arcade reward prices updated
  • Updated DV distributions for Battle Tower trainers
  • Phancero can now learn Aerial Ace

Feature Changes

  • New in-battle HUDs, and updated stats screen to match
  • New GBC-only screen
  • Shiny Pokemon now appear shiny when using a field move
  • Coronet Stone as a reward in Battle Arcade replaced with Eviolite

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