Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0172


  • Fixed bug with mons in the Erratic experience group that would fall back to a low level when leveling up past 67
  • Egg-hatching animations now appear as they should
  • Some minor visual glitches with lava are now fixed
  • Can no longer dig out of the Rijon League
  • Haunted Mansion stairs now take to the right place
  • Soundproof’s text no longer overflows the textbox
  • Various text fixes

Mechanic Changes

  • Lucario can now learn Counter via TM
  • Crobat in stamina challenge now has Brave Bird instead of Aeroblast
  • Fixed some minor bugs with Levitate and Mold Breaker
  • Attract now works in every case where it should
  • Substitute doesn’t affect contact abilities or Synchronize

Feature Changes

  • Major map display system overhaul

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