Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0169


  • Vitamins no longer crash the game
  • Attempting to print a box no longer crashes the game
  • Digging out of the ruins’ roof now works properly
  • Sprite fix in the Haunted Mansion dream sequence
  • Varaneous roaming should now work properly
  • Fixed issue when surfing through map borders
  • Title screen menu music no longer glitchy
  • Pachisi now plays music properly
  • Slot machines now work correctly and don’t enter long rock-dropping loops
  • Fixed text issue with Silver (“Leader Silver”, not “Silver Leader”)
  • Box naming screen now shows the proper icon

Mechanic Changes

  • Crystal Bolt now hits through Lightningrod
  • Levitate and Soundproof now print a message when they prevent damage
  • Mold Breaker doesn’t behave oddly with contact moves anymore
  • Pickup now works as expected
  • Fixed base stats for Banette, Dusclops, Koffing, Metang, Milotic and Numel
  • Fixed experience groups for Aron, Drifloon, Feebas and Swablu (and their evolutions); also added save patching to correct exp points for already owned mons in those families
  • Rare Candies can now revive fainted mons

Feature Changes

  • Player can now lose against the rival in the first battle
  • The last postgame city is walled off until the player has an appropriate number of badges
  • Added a guard to Route 34 gate
  • Player cannot enter the Magikarp event with a full pack, thus preventing a potential softlock
  • Gym leaders will now wait for the player to read all their text before beginning the battle
  • Minor map and text fixes

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