Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0166


  • Solved bug when reaching mining level 100 – should not loop forever
  • RTC bug preventing apricorn pick-up actually fixed now
  • Can’t mine windows any longer
  • Pain Split no longer causes a visual glitch when used

Mechanic Changes

  • Some learnsets fixed
  • Fury Cutter can only double damage twice (before update: 4 times)
  • Compound Eyes working as intended
  • Various battle engine minor fixes
  • 100% effect chances are now truly 100%, not 99.6%
  • Some AI improvements to prevent complete AI stupidity
  • Pokemon now receive stat experience even if they are at level 100
  • Stats are recalculated after every battle (so stat experience is applied immediately)

Feature Changes

  • Moved some NPCs blocking the path to Pokemon Center nurses

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