Changelog: Version 0.93, build 0164


  • Attempt to fix the calendar/date system bugs that cause apricorns not to appear after a new month rolls over
  • Torenia Pachisi board tiles now do what they say they do
  • Routes 47 and 48 now should behave properly with regards to the bike
  • Fixed a small potential bug with Spite
  • Changed movement pattern of an NPC in the Pokemon Center in Goldenrod to not block the counter

Mechanic Changes

  • Added wild Pokemon to Merson Cave, Tunod Waterway, Route 87 and other areas
  • Added Swagger TM, replacing Fire Blast TM item (and added a savefile patch to restore the item ball if it was already picked up)
  • Some changes to the RNG used for some events

Feature Changes

  • Minor changes to one of the possible player overworld sprites
  • SELECT can be used to sort items in the PC

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