Anniversary Crystal Distro Card 8 & ⭐️: Gastly & Phancero

48’r./MN♀’d & rICKrOLL

As the Discord chat figured out earlier today, the distribution code for Phancero was actually hidden in the signs we encountered in Glitch City during our Pokemon Prism run; as such, here’s the official distro card! Who could this mysterious bird belong too? Why you, of course! Phancero will join your party at level 5, with your own personal Trainer ID as its OT, and with the option of setting a nickname.

(also as reference, here is a screenshot of the code as seen on multiple signs in the area)

We know, our birb is pretty cool, however, there is another spooky ‘mon around these parts. Say hello again to Rick! Our lost Ghastly from the original TPP Red run!

As with the other distribution codes, all of our distributed Pokemon from previous runs have been brought into Anniversary Crystal using their original data as they were last seen in their respective games. To acquire the Pokemon in your own game, please see the PCC located in Goldenrod City after you have acquired 16 GYM Badges! (Yes, he is in the game, we stealthily added it during one of our post release patches! The data was partially removed from the release ROM when everyone went digging, so as a sneaky tactic, it was re-added for one of the patches that adjusted the Distro system. Sorry I guess for the lead on, but !)

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