Anniversary Crystal Distro Card 1: JLVWNNOOOO


Some may remember lil’ JLVWNNOOOO from our initial Red run. Well, we tracked him down in the wild and he’s back! He’s at the exact stats he was at last we saw him, rescued right before being let free, and he’s ready for some more training!


Thanks to our amazing team of coders, we’ve implemented a distribution system similar to Nintendo’s own Mystery Gift feature!

You may have noticed that the Pokemon center in Goldenrod got a makeover. FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS! There is a new kiosk located inside of the center that will be enabled once you have captured all 251 Pokemon gotten 16 GYM Badges, and will allow you to redeem codes! These codes will gift you very special Pokemon.

Stay tuned as we have many more where this came from!

This will only work on version 1.2 and above of Anniversary Crystal

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