Meet the Pokémon Brown protagonists!

Our trainers have had a glow up! In the upcoming update to Pokémon Brown, we have a newly redesigned Brown based on his appearance in Pokémon Prism, and a new playable character Beige!

Official Map of Naljo

To celebrate the release of 0.95, have a very special map. It’s Naljo!

The awesomeness (this is opinion) of this pic brings the slaughter to SPAM

News: rijonAdventures is not dead. Now onto updates you might not actually be interested in:

So apparently I haven’t been doing enough to curb SPAM, so instead you get this picture to feast on rather than look at ads of crap that nobody wants.

Hope to set up a forum and use it for the comments system. It’d probably be better than WordPress’s default system because integration is delicious. In fact, I’ve gone and bought forum software (borrowing others’ is not fun) but that won’t see the light of day yet. Maybe I’ll open it up so that you guys can comment on stuff.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.


Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

Elite Four’s Zeke

So some people saw this in my avatar at The PokéCommunity and wondered who I drew here. (It’s not illustrated by Signomi, but rather, it’s been coloured by her!)

And if you’ve played rijonAdventures, you will have seen “Zeke” within the game as the fourth Elite Four member!

Zeke is meant to be more of the “geek” character, and as such, if you know what’s printed on his shirt, you’re in-the-know and you’re awesome. I planned to make him a bit more of a geek by giving him a BlackBerry phone, but I realised I liked this idea better.

Anyone who’s battled him already will know he has no specific choice on Pokémon types. I really need to put him in more parts of the game, I guess. I was meaning to post this artwork eventually.

… and that’s all for today. 😛

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

Gym Leader campaign… again!

You’ve heard of “Challenge Leaders” before, but the whole concept hasn’t really been explained that much. I’ve actually ended up calling them “Gym Leaders” again, but the entire concept behind them remains the same. What are they, exactly?

Rachel and Chad are two Gym Leaders of… South Rijon. That’s right; you heard right – South Rijon has Gym Leaders. The reward for defeating them is a secret right now, but unlike Gold/Silver, where you end up battling Gym Leaders at toned-down levels, South Rijon’s Gym Leaders are going to be challenging. When I say challenging, I mean Level 60+ challenging.

Oh, and the final challenge (South Rijon’s champion)? Expect a fight where the highest-levelled Pokémon is an astoundingly high Level 100. (The regret here is that you may, unless you cheat or find a random supply of Rare Candy, never actually be able to finish the game.) Who’s the hotshot with such a crazy, blasphemy-of-a-high levelled Pokémon?

That’s for another day.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

The Elite Four’s Nina appears!

Another long while! But I’m still alive! School’s finally over! Time to introduce another character!

Nina trains flying-type Pokémon. At the start of the game, the Elite Four are on official leave, so Nina, a member of the Elite Four, is walking around the region looking for traces of Lugia. You’ll first see her in the Rijon Tunnel doing a bit of exploration. Meeting her is mostly crucial to the story, as after the league campaign you’ll be meeting her again and helping her out for something big…

(From the previous post and this post, you’ll notice that I’ve added a Javascript that zooms in on thumbnails. A lovely script, at that.)

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. We have not included Hiroshi’s lovely script here, but you can witness it for yourself here: Archive link. The original full size artwork included with the blog post has been lost.

Elite Four Marisa

A bit of background first; I’ve never actually revealed much about the Elite Four, and while the beta testing team probably know their Pokémon, they don’t know exactly who they are or what they look like.

The Rijon Elite Four has changed significantly. The members are not the same Elite Four of Rijon that was shown in Brown, so it’s probably going to be nice to introduce some of you to one of the new members. I’ll only introduce two of them publicly, so the other two and their stories are going to remain a mystery for a while…

Marisa is the grand daughter of the Elite Four’s Agatha. Agatha herself was part of Rijon’s Elite Four (after leaving Kanto). As such, she has a similar preference of Ghost Pokémon to her grandmother. Marisa carries around a mask which she occasionally wears around in public.

She is the third member of Rijon’s current Elite Four.

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

Gym Leader Lachlan – “Karpman”

Nicknamed “Karpman” in comparison to “Cartman” from South Park. His name is actually a pun of Magikarp. In rijonAdventures, a first name is revealed, but he’ll still be known by the name Karpman throughout most of the game. Everyone knows him by that nickname.

Lachlan is the first gym leader you encounter in Rijon. His gym is located in Merson City. You’ll find him to be a bit of a challenge depending on how well you’ve trained, and since his team consists of two water Pokémon, you might want to catch a Bellsprout if you picked Charmander as your starting Pokémon. Funny that, the Pokémon he uses in battle are very similar to the ones he used in Pokémon Brown…

Inside the Merson Gym
Relations. And she knows Karpman’s real name!
Time for a battle!

Karpman’s not always in the gym. He trains on a beach sometimes and isn’t against a rematch with you. Even still, he’s not going to battle you with his so-called main team.

Hmm… I wonder what his main team even is…?

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

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