So some people saw this in my avatar at The PokéCommunity and wondered who I drew here. (It’s not illustrated by Signomi, but rather, it’s been coloured by her!)

And if you’ve played rijonAdventures, you will have seen “Zeke” within the game as the fourth Elite Four member!

Zeke is meant to be more of the “geek” character, and as such, if you know what’s printed on his shirt, you’re in-the-know and you’re awesome. I planned to make him a bit more of a geek by giving him a BlackBerry phone, but I realised I liked this idea better.

Anyone who’s battled him already will know he has no specific choice on Pokémon types. I really need to put him in more parts of the game, I guess. I was meaning to post this artwork eventually.

… and that’s all for today. 😛

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

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