Play your own hack, and see others do it

So, I’ve added quite a bit of stuff to rijonAdventures since the early 2009 beta. A year ago I said, “Rijon is finished, time to move onto South Rijon”, but oh was I wrong. So many little things to fix and add, text inconsistencies to iron out, high school, uni, uni, and so many annoying little things that I did that just look bad.

Yes, reviewing how your own hack looks and works is a good idea. But a good hack doesn’t just start from my own assessment of my game – it depends on what others say about it.

So I’ve been stalking the “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube. Found this guy:

(I hope he realised he needs to fix that save error. Methinks I need to make it more obvious. And another thing: I realise it’s a year old.)

I also stumbled across this video of Brown from the same person. Orangeylicious!

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

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