Video: (Almost) full Nuzlocke run of Prism to the E4!

Congrats to YouTuber ProfessorHoenn for beating the Elite 4 with a (nearly) full Nuzlocke run in Pokémon Prism 0.95.

It was really awesome to watch you play through the whole story and the feedback was great! Thanks for playing our game! ❤️

Check out the full run below:

We always love watching you guys! If you have a video of you playing Prism you’d like to share, please let us know on our Twitter, Mastodon, Subreddit or Discord server!

Prism’s brand-new, custom Naljo Trainer music

We a super privileged to announce that the ever-talented ShinkoNetCavy has composed a brand-new, totally customer trainer battle music for the latest build of Pokémon Prism!

Find Shinko on:

Hear the track in the newest build. See our game page for details!

Pokémon Prism arrives in December

If you haven’t already seen the trailer, check it out!

Pokémon Prism arrives December 2016.

The development team have been hard at work to bring you Pokémon Prism, and the players at Twitch have surely loved every moment — bugs to squash, odd Pokémon nicknames and absolute ANARCHY abound! We hope you’ll like it too!

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link.

Pokémon Prism: Official Trailer

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