A trainer always goes from every town to get items. However, what if you backtrack to a town and their items are not really what you’re looking for? Actually, it happens all the time.

Is this mart really all that useful? In rijonAdventures, the answer is yes.

So, what’s funny is, that I thought of this idea before I saw it actually happening in Diamond and Pearl (honest!) but I never actually went into implementing it. That is, the marts are expanding their stock for every Gym you beat!

Ever changing stock. More added?!

That’s basically it. As you get a badge, you’re valued more as a Trainer, so of course, you’re going to have access to more items.

But wait, is that another guy at the counter there? Now, this is an idea I borrowed from Diamond and Pearl.

What to buy? Different things!

Basically, most towns will also sell local specialities (mostly mail). There’s also one town that sells an imported good from a town somewhere in Hoenn…

Originally posted on the old Rijon website, now offline. Archive link. The original screenshots in this blog post have been lost. They have been recreated based on the surviving text.

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