PSA: Pokémon Prism on cartridge

Are you thinking of purchasing Pokémon Prism on a cartridge? Please read this advice while considering!

RainbowDevs does not and will never sell Prism on a Game Boy cartridge/Game Pak, and companies that do are doing so without our consent or endorsement. Prism is available for free to download online, and money from cart sales will go to these companies and not to us.

We can’t guarantee that the carts will be bug-free or up-to-date, and they may exhibit problems that have since been fixed or behaviour that is not present at all in-game. This is up to and including softlocks and save data loss. We will not be issuing updates to fix bugs on cartridges that have been produced without our consent.

If you’d like to play Prism on real hardware, you absolutely can! You can look at flash carts like the Everdrive or others. These are Game Paks with an SD-card slot that allow you to load and update ROMs from your computer. There are also other, third-party consoles that allow you to insert an SD-card directly into the device to play Prism that way.

Pokémon Prism releases are open source, meaning that anyone can do anything they want with the code. We have no recourse to stop the game being produced or purchased on a physical Game Pak, cartridge or preloaded onto gaming hardware. We are not asking for anyone to report these products to us or anyone else. We are also not specifically advising against purchase. This post is to just inform prospective buyers of the risks involved when purchasing these products so they are able to make an informed choice.

As always, thank you for playing!

PSA: Pokémon Prism on Analogue Pocket

Hi everyone.

We’ve been getting an increasing number of bug reports regarding this issue and thought it a good idea to put this message out.

Players of Pokémon Prism on Analogue Pocket have been reporting save corruption issues. We have investigated and found the problem is with the Pocket itself, as software emulators and official hardware are unaffected. This issue can cause irreversible data loss and damage up to and including the loss of all Pokémon in your PC Box. This corruption remains even if you use the game pak on another console or boot it up in an emulator.

We would therefore advise players on Analogue Pocket to back up their save files immediately or, if playing on carts that cannot be backed up, stop using the console until Analogue issues an update to fix this bug. Official, non-Japanese Pokémon games do not appear to be affected, however, this may affect other Pokémon game mods like Prism.

Analogue should be able to fix this issue with an update to the console. We’ll let you guys know when or if that happens and when it is safe to play Prism on the console again. Hopefully soon.

Update (6 Dec): So far, we have only seen the issue affect cartridges. Methods like Everdrive, EZ-FLASH Junior and openFGPA so far do not be affected. However, we do still recommend backing up your save files frequently while using the console, as other issues may occur. An update to the Pocket is due soon – we will be testing this thoroughly and will report back. Please continue to report issues to us using our bug report form.

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