Pokéthon 2019!

Congrats to Koolboyman!

I am the author of Pokémon Prism

Koolboyman writes about his Pokémon Prism experience and answers some questions.


🎉 Happy Birthday Koolboyman! 🎈

Anniversary Crystal Distro Card 2: ADAM


Here’s a wonderful tribute to the creator of Pokemon Brown, one of the developers that helped on AC, and the lead of the upcoming Pokemon Prism hack – Koolboyman! Check out this beefed up Porygon, ADAM!

As with the other distribution codes, please see the PCC located in Goldenrod City after you have acquired 16 GYM Badges to receive your gift!

What is Pokémon Brown and why are we playing it?

Originally posted as a primer to the upcoming Twitch Plays Pokémon run of Pokémon Brown. Many people had not heard of Brown, or much of ROM Hacks in general, so I tried to introduce it. It includes a brief rundown of what it is, its history and some comments from the original developer providing insight.

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