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RainbowDevs are collective of passionate Gameboy developers with decades of experience.

We are coders, artists, musicians, designers, and every position in-between — crafting new stories and worlds for everyone explore while pushing the boundaries of classic, retro hardware. Everything we do runs on original, classic hardware, as our passion for the original games and worlds runs deep.

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What am I working with?

The region of Shin’ou is huge. This giant land has 18 towns and cities – Johto and Kanto put together have 20. What could you expect in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl? An adventure bigger than Gold, Silver and Crystal, and seemingly bigger than Hoenn, too. But I’m working for...

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We change things.

With the tools we have, we think we can do almost anything, can’t we? No is the answer I’ll give you, and this is relevant to Johto. While the aim of rijonAdventures is to provide just as much and more of the region we’re used to playing in Brown,...

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Rijon 90% complete!

The main region in rijonAdventures, Pokémon Bronze and Pokémon Bronze, entitled “Rijon”, is almost completely done in rijonAdventures. 90% of the region’s overworld maps are completed! Text and events are next on the schedule! A new Developer Demo featuring this, available to beta testers codenamed “TRAUMA CENTER”, will be...

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