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RainbowDevs are collective of passionate Gameboy developers with decades of experience.

We are coders, artists, musicians, designers, and every position in-between — crafting new stories and worlds for everyone explore while pushing the boundaries of classic, retro hardware. Everything we do runs on original, classic hardware, as our passion for the original games and worlds runs deep.

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Gym Leader Scott

The third gym leader has only really appeared in the latest rijonAdventures beta, and his backstory isn’t really all that large. Scott is an eleven year old Pokémon trainer. Actually, no, he’s a Gym Leader of Jaeru City. And, despite his age, he’s more than just a Gym Leader....

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What is the Rijon region?

To those new to the Rijon Trilogy, you probably don’t know what the region of Rijon is. Rijon first appears in Pokémon Brown. It consists of numerous cities. First, you probably should know where you start—Seashore City. Seashore is one of the cities in the southwest area of Rijon,...

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Pokémon Mart stock

A trainer always goes from every town to get items. However, what if you backtrack to a town and their items are not really what you’re looking for? Actually, it happens all the time. So, what’s funny is, that I thought of this idea before I saw it actually...

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