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Crafting new authentic content with unexpected twists.

RainbowDevs are collective of passionate Gameboy developers with decades of experience.

We are coders, artists, musicians, designers, and every position in-between — crafting new stories and worlds for everyone explore while pushing the boundaries of classic, retro hardware. Everything we do runs on original, classic hardware, as our passion for the original games and worlds runs deep.

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A screenshot of the RainbowDevs Bluesky profile page.

RainbowDevs is now on Bluesky

With Twitter/X making paywall noises, we thought it a good idea to seek an alternative just in case so you can keep up to date with our work. Check us out here: https://bsky.app/profile/rainbowdevs.com As a reminder we are also on these Twitter alternatives: We’ll continue to post on Twitter/X...

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An image showing the new designs for Pokémon Brown, with their character portraits and overworld sprites. To the left, the male character Brown and to the right, the femal character Beige.

Meet the Pokémon Brown protagonists!

Our trainers have had a glow up! In the upcoming update to Pokémon Brown, we have a newly redesigned Brown based on his appearance in Pokémon Prism, and a new playable character Beige!

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RainbowDevs Archive Launched!

Hello archival enthusiasts! If you’ve ever wanted to download an older version of our games, now you can in one convenient place. We’ve just launched the first phase of the RainbowDevs archive! For now we have listed every RainbowDevs version of Pokémon Prism, but in the future we hope...

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