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RainbowDevs are collective of passionate Gameboy developers with decades of experience.

We are coders, artists, musicians, designers, and every position in-between — crafting new stories and worlds for everyone explore while pushing the boundaries of classic, retro hardware. Everything we do runs on original, classic hardware, as our passion for the original games and worlds runs deep.

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(April Fools) Release: Pokémon Prism 1.0

EDIT: Did we get you? 😉 Massive thanks to our newest dev team member Tustin for putting together this amazing ROM! You can find the source for this here. The next ACTUAL version of Pokémon Prism will be out very soon! What day is it? It’s Prism release day!...

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Zapp ⚡️⚡️

The next version is very nearly ready. Thank you to everyone for being so patient. This is a huge update and we can’t wait to show you more.

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Gateway to Paradise

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